Biosphere II: Earth in miniature

Exploring the world of tomorrow - in the world's craziest laboratory: 30 years ago, the artificial ecosystem "Biosphere II" in the Arizona desert achieved cult status through spectacular experiments. Today, scientists are rediscovering planet Earth in miniature.

Biosphere II Exterior

"Biosphere II" offers unique conditions worldwide. "In the first years, the biodiversity in the system had rapidly reduced. Now, 30 years later, we have a stable population," says John R. Adams, who heads "Biosphere II" on behalf of the University of Arizona, in the short film. For researchers, this means: they can create specific conditions in the system and observe how the ecosystem reacts to them. The goal is to make findings that will allow them to anticipate, for example, the climatic conditions that will prevail on the plant in 30 years' time. 

The Naratek short film by Tomo Muscionico provides exclusive insights.

Gallery Biosphere II 

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Stefan Jermann

Taught to drive by my grandfather at the age of eight. Hurtling down every set of steps on my BMX by the age of ten; racing down every black diamond slope on my snowboard when I was fourteen. I am fascinated by people who have a story, and I want to tell it. My prime focus is on the relationship between human and machine, artificial intelligence, and finding inner peace in a world full of noise.

Photos: Tomo Muscionico

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