Swiss start-up achieves breakthrough in quantum encryption

Swiss start-up Terra Quantum has been able to transmit quantum-encrypted data 10,000 times faster and over a greater distance than ever before. This is shown by data published by the company.

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According to the company, the new record proves for the first time the possibility of complete end-to-end security over global distances. «We have won the race against quantum computers with this,» says Terra Quantum founder Markus Pflitsch.

Quantum computers are, after all, a problem for data security: experts expect that they will be able to easily crack current, complicated mathematical encryptions in the near future due to their high computing power.

In order to be able to exchange secret data even in the age of quantum computers, another tool from the field of quantum technology is therefore needed: quantum cryptography. «It is physically impossible to decrypt quantum-encrypted data,» Pflitsch explained.

New approach uses the existing fibre optic network

Research institutes and companies around the world are therefore working on technologies for quantum encryption. Terra Quantum uses an approach based on quantum entanglement. According to its own data, the start-up has sent quantum-encrypted data over 1032 kilometres at a speed of 34 bits per second. The previous record holders from the University of Science and Technology of China achieved a distance of 1002 kilometres at a rate of 0.0034 bits per second.

In addition, other approaches in this field require the use of special infrastructure, according to Pflitsch. The new technology, on the other hand, uses the existing fibre optic network.

Pflitsch's team has provisionally published the results of the experiment.

Written by: sda

Photos: Keystone

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