Artificial intelligence is more likely to create jobs than destroy them

The use of AI will "probably not" lead to the destruction of jobs, but rather to possible changes in the quality of jobs - especially with regard to work intensity and autonomy.

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According to the study by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), women will also be more affected by the use of AI than men. In higher-income countries, the impact is expected to be much greater than in lower-income countries.

AI will "allow jobs to be supplemented rather than replaced". According to the ILO study, about a quarter of office jobs are likely to be affected by the use of AI, while managers and technicians are expected to be less affected.

In addition, there are considerable differences between countries with higher incomes and those with lower incomes: In richer countries, 5.5 percent of jobs are expected to be affected by the use of AI, whereas in poorer countries only 0.4 percent.

The share of work affected by AI will therefore be more than twice as high for women as for men - which is due to a significant share of women in office jobs.

Written by: sda

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