3D printer rocket fails

The world's first 3D-printed rocket failed to make its planned Earth orbit schedule on its first test flight. It is the largest object ever produced in a 3D printer.

The rocket lifted off successfully but then failed to reach the hoped-for altitude. There had been an "anomaly" in the second part of the flight, the operating company Relativity Space announced in a livestream.

After its launch, "Terran 1" was supposed to reach low Earth orbit after eight minutes. This did not happen. The goal of the first test flight was actually to collect data and show that a 3D-printed rocket can withstand the pressures of launch and travel.

85 per cent of the rocket's mass was made from metal alloys using a 3D printer. According to the Californian space start-up Relativity Space, "Terran 1" is the largest object ever produced with a 3D printer.          

Written by: sda

Photos: Screenshot Youtube

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